Selena Bailey, Private Investigator


The Selena Bailey Novellas are a series of suspenseful fiction featuring a young Selena Bailey detailing her turbulent path to becoming a top-notch, kick-ass Private Investigator.

Not Like Her

Release date: November 15, 2019

A battered mother. A possessive boyfriend. Can she save herself from a similar fate?

Selena longs to flee her uneasy home life. Prepping every spare minute for a college escape, the headstrong, high school senior vows never to be like her alcoholic mom with her string of abusive boyfriends. So when Selena finds her beaten nearly to death, she knows safety is slipping away...

With her mother's violent lover evading justice, Selena's cute new beau's offer to move in seems Heaven-sent. But jealous rage and a renewed search for her long-lost father threaten to pull her back into harm's way.

Can Selena break free of an ugly past, or will brutal men crush her hopes of a better future?

Not Like Her is the first novella in the suspenseful Selena Bailey series. If you like thrilling twists, dark tension, and smart and driven women, then you'll love H.K. Christie's new mystery series. 

One in Five

Release date: December 26, 2019

A predator running free and the girl determined to stop him.

After escaping a violent past, Selena Bailey, starts her first semester of college determined to put it all behind her - until her roommate is attacked at the Delta Kappa Alpha house. After reporting the attack, police refuse to prosecute due to lack of evidence, claiming another case of 'he said, she said'.  

As Selena and Dee begin meeting other victims, it's clear Dee's assault wasn't an isolated event. Selena determined to take down the DKA house, takes matters into her own hands in order to claim justice for Dee and prevent the next attack.

Will Selena get justice for the women of SFU or will she become the next victim?

One in Five, is the second book in the suspenseful Selena Bailey series.

On the Rise

Release date: January 23, 2020

A little girl taken. A mysterious cover-up. One young investigator determined to find the truth.

Selena Bailey, a sophomore at the local university studying criminal justice, returns from winter break to jump into her first official case as a private investigator with her step-mother's security firm. 

Thrown into an undercover detail, Selena soon uncovers a much darker plot. What seemed like a tragic kidnapping is revealed to be just the tip of the iceberg. Will Selena expose the truth before not only the little girl's life, but her own is lost forever?

On the Rise is the third book in the suspenseful Selena Bailey series. 

The Unbreakable Series

The Unbreakable Series is a collection of a heart-warming women's fiction stories, inspired by true events. If you like journeys of self-discovery, wounded heroines, and laugh-or-cry moments, you'll love the Unbreakable Series.

We Can't Be Broken (the prequel)

Release date: February 2017

"I couldn't put it down. Such a heartfelt story.. Heartwarming, touching, honest, raw & emotional." - Amazon Reviewer

After a devastating diagnosis one family embarks on a journey to find their new normal...

Always the youngest and tired of being called the baby, nine-year-old Casey is thrilled when her little sister, Anna, arrives in the winter of 1986. Once Anna is born everything changes for the better: a new sister, a new house and a perfect life. It's as if nothing can go wrong--until Anna gets cancer. 

In the wake of seemingly never-ending hospital stays and chemo treatments, Casey and her older siblings are suddenly forced to fend for themselves while constantly adapting to a new normal, which is anything but. Now growing up in the shadow of their sister's cancer, Casey and her siblings try to survive as well as figure out their own place in the world. 

With the family they once had no longer in existence, Casey finds herself wondering what's next. Will they ever again find peace, happiness or each other? 

Where I'm Supposed To Be (Book 1)

Release date: August 2018

When a woman’s empty marriage ends, it will take a journey around the world to teach her the true meaning of love. 

Like many women, Casey imagined her happiness would come from marrying the love of her life. But only a short time into her dream relationship, she already feels alone and unloved. Bringing home a Shih Tzu puppy temporarily rekindles the fun, but before long her marriage is on the rocks.

Casey tries to stay positive amid the painful decision to separate to “work things out.” But spending more time with family and friends, travelling overseas (romantic Paris!), and even flirting with online dating doesn’t heal her aching heart. As time marches on, she’ll have to confront the inevitable question of what she really wants from life…

Is Casey’s dream of fulfillment over, or can she find true satisfaction with family, friends, and the people she loves?

Change of Plans (Book 2)

Release date: March 2019

Will one woman's crush ruin her career or launch an unexpected new dream? 

Casey has no interest taking the same path as her friends. After all, with marriage and motherhood off the table, she's primed to get into grad school and start her path toward CEO stardom. But when the crush on her single dad biking partner turns serious, she worries her desire could come with complications. 

As Casey's ambition clashes with her attempt to bond with both Seth and his son, she wonders if it's impossible to have everything she wants. And as her group of friends starts to marry off and announce pregnancies, she realizes that avoiding the regular path could rip her and the man she loves apart. 

Will Casey climb the ladder alone, or will she aspire to an entirely different dream?


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